Sometimes I feel that I am indeed the happiest person in the whole universe. So much to thank God for – I have a loving wife, two relatively well-behaved children, we are all in good health and, as some kind of a bonus, I have a rewarding job that I love.

My adventure with tracing family histories started in 2013 with a visit to the diocesan archive in Przemyśl. A friend of mine showed me what old nineteenth century vital records looked like and what information they contained. Gradually I became more and more accustomed to various kinds of longhand and was able to maximize the results of my work while minimizing the time needed to complete it.

Thanks to my clients for whom I worked, thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations and all the kind comments left on my Facebook profile , various forums and discussion groups, the number of research requests soon rose considerably . Needless to say, it’s a genuine blessing to have satisfied clients, who bring more clients and keep your business going and I shall always be grateful to those that mention my name here and there.

Nowadays, genealogy research is my full-time occupation and I am honored to have discovered the roots of many. Who knows, perhaps you who is reading it will learn something about your ancestors as well…?